Discover Burien Association, Burien Washington
Discover Burien Association, Burien Washington

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As the prime business area of South King County began to be noticed and developed, a loosely formed group began to meet under the name of the Burien Improvement Association, also known as the BIA. King County agreed to set up the boundaries of the business areas to be included in the dues paying association. There was some disagreement as to where the boundaries of the various pockets of businesses should be, and over time the County had a hard time collecting the dues. And splinter groups began to appear.

The new City of Burien paid for a presentation by the National Trust Main Street center that had successfully guided cities, old and new in building a sustainable and complete community revitalization effort.

In about 2001 with the urging of the Burien City Council, a brand new organization was formed by nineteen members of the community. This new group worded cooperatively with the City of Burien, the SW King County Chamber of Commerce, local Arts groups and many local businesses and individuals in the City of Burien to be a new force for benefits that would accrue to everyone including our considerable ethnic minority groups.

While some organizational ideas were learned from the "Main Street" presentations, the new group felt that there was enough business experience among the nineteen local citizens that comprised the first Discover Burien membership group, the Discover Burien Association was formed and an application to the Internal Revenue for tax exemption was filed. It was approved in February, 2002. The approval of 501 (c)(3) status enabled ordinary citizens to deduct their contributions to the support of Discover Burien. Businesses are able to deduct their donations as a general business expense. The name, Discover Burien Association was shortened to "Discover Burien" for more impact in its daily use.

Four main objectives are basic to the purposes of Discover Burien:

A. Promotions: Various means of educating and informing the citizens of Burien is a primary focus. Event promotions are one of the primary means of reaching the citizens.

B. Organizations: Discover Burien promotes the concerns of the commercial business areas at the city, county and special district level.

C. Economic Restructuring: Discover Burien is a center for recruitment of new stores to balance the retail mix; devising and writing marketing packages for interested owners and landlords who want to recruit new business into their spaces, and advising in all aspects of relocating into our city.

D. Design: Discover Burien has a goal of recommending appropriate uses and design standards for the commercial area development. Currently Discover Burien coordinates the annual city cleanup, "Clean Sweep", the ongoing efforts of the city clean-up crews that daily empty the trash barrels and help clean the streets in the business areas. It sponsors events that will bring citizens from within and without the city to our core. These include the Thursday Farmers Market, Fathers Day Car Show, Discover Burien Annual Awards Dinner & Slient Auction, Summer & Fall Carnivals, Boo In Burien and Winterfest in Olde Burien. In 2011 Discover Burien joined forces with many nonprofit organizations in the community to partner and promote their events and causes. This program is one that renews yearly through an application process called the Event Partnership Program.

Discover Burien has been fortunate to have driven contractor by the name of Debra George who has, over recent years been an excellent, hands-on events manager.

Discover Burien hired Tellit Productions to produce a short video clip singing the praises of Team Clean Sweep. This highly successful program employs 4 special needs individuals to keep downtown Burien, Washington litter-free. The clip will be used in Discover Burien's social media, on their website, and on TBC21, Burien's own cable TV channel. The goal is to raise awareness of Discover Burien's efforts to make Burien and great place to work, live, and shop.

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Website photos courtesy of Michael Brunk —, thank you for the use of all the great local photos for Discover Burien.

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